Our Flock

Leicester Longwools: The Blake Flock

The history of the Leicester Longwool started in Dishley, Leicestershire, in the 18th century by Robert Bakewell who was an Agriculturist born in 1725. Leicester Longwools are one of Britain’s rarest native breeds, categorised as Endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

The Blake Flock were founded in 2009, our first lambs being born in 2010, and the flock is made up of White and Black sheep. The Blake Flock have some very rare bloodlines, including the Speeton line whose records go back to Bakewell’s day.

We attend agricultural shows with the sheep, promoting them and their magnificent fleeces. These fleeces are used by people who practice very old traditional skills, including spinning, weaving and felt making. All of these skills can be learnt with us at Ash Tree during our Woolly Workshops.   

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