Ashtree & Ewe

Home of the Leicester Longwool

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Wooly Workshops

Ash Tree Farm is a small holding of 8 acres in a tranquil setting where we are very respectful of nature. Chickens, geese and ducks roam in the orchard where there is also a wildlife pond. Within the vegetable and soft fruit growing area there is a Polly tunnel.

Our flock of rare-breed Leicester Longwool Sheep are the real characters, each one has a name and a love of digestive biscuits.

The porta cabin is the hub for craft activities, where new skills can be learnt using fleece from the sheep, upcycled and recycled fibres.    

Woolly Workshops

These are one day courses to introduce fleece choice and preparation. Learn to make wet felt and needle felting. Many different weaving techniques including pin loom weaving, and peg loom weaving creating beautiful rugs, cushions and much more. The spinning workshops give you the chance to use different wheels and related equipment. This gives you knowledge and confidence when buying your own equipment.

Ashtree and Ewe - home of the rare breed Leicester Longwool sheep.
Ashtree and Ewe - home of the rare breed Leicester Longwool sheep.

Supported Experience Days

Our aim at Ash Tree is to offer people the opportunity to develop social and practical skills, to build confidence, feel valued, respected and have a sense of wellbeing. Working as part of a team and supporting each other, we hope that the new skills gained will inspire new hobbies, further education or a stepping stone towards employment.

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